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Kennel is a highly contagious upper respiratory infection that can be caused by inhalation of a bacterial or viral particles into the respiratory tract.  The disease is usually transmitted between dogs in close contact by aerosolized respiratory secretion, often during coughing or sneezing. It can even transmit to your dog by exposure to surgaces that have been tainted by a sick dog. There is typically a harsh honking type of cough, but sometimes the coughing can seem more like gagging or vomiting slime/frothy material. Some dogs develop a fever and anorexia for a few days.


Kennel cough is very common among young dogs and puppies, but older dogs get it too. In many cases, it will clear up on its own in 3-4 days. Many dogs with kennel cough will not act sick and are active, eating and drinking, but coughing as well.  Therefore is the dog is coughing and acting ill, have a fever etc- you should take your dog to the veterinarian.


To prevent your dog getting Kennel cough there is a vaccine. Many kennels wont keep your dog unless you have proof of the vaccine, but you need to plan ahead, because it can take up to 2 weeks for the vaccine to kick in. therefore ideally you should vaccinate your dog 2 weeks before planning to place them in a kennel.  The vaccine is inhaled through he nose. Side effects of the vaccine include: vomiting, hives, lethargy, breathing difficulties. If accidentally injected instead of inhaled the animal can be sore at the injection site and potentially feel lethargic and develop an abscess at the site.

The kennel cough vaccine is still not 100% effective. There is still a change that your dog develops kennel cough, but the vaccine will reduce the severity and the length of the illness. The vaccine will not be of any help to your dog if its already got Kennel cough. Normally if they get kennel cough, the veterinarian will treat with an antibiotic against the opportunistic bacteria Bordetella bronchiseptica etc. the antibiotics will however to affect the viral components of the condition but they should prevent the dog developing secondary pneumonia from the opportunistic bacteria. First choice antibiotic is doxycycline, but other alternatives include oxytetracycline, potentiated sulphonamides or amoxicillin/clavulanic acid. A 7-10 day course should be sufficient, but some cases will require a longer course.


If you don’t feel comfortable vaccinate your dog with this vaccine, Kennel cough is a self limiting illness, meaning it can go away on its own. However if your dog is coughing, not himself, fever etc- please bring your pet to your veterinarian.



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We feel that animals have as much right to Planet Earth as we have, that companion animals bring joy, hope and unconditional love to us each and every day, and that it continues to be our moral responsibility to look after them and to love them back to the very best of our ability.

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“I`ve always felt that animals are the purest spirits in the world. They don’t fake or hide their feelings, and they are the most loyal creatures on earth. “ Pink

This is my 2nd week as a working veterinarian. Yesterday I got my name badge and my name on the consulting door with “veterinary surgeon” underneath. Such a surreal feeling. I made it, I made my dream since a little girl come true! I feel so privileged to have made it.


I started my first day with my favourite subject: surgery. I did a couple of dog and cat castrations.  The rest of my first day I was asked to consult. I jumped right into the deep end and started consulting on my own on my first day. The reception was nice and scheduled in 20 minute consultations (instead of the normal 10min per patient) and also scheduled in fairly ok patients for me. I had a lot of vaccinations; booster vaccination, primary vaccinations of puppies, microchips and puppy litter checks.  I`ve seen a lot of ear infections- showing clients how to clean dog ears and dogs needing dentals. I know dental scale and polish can be expensive, but when your dog is 3-5 years and has a lot of dental tartar- you should as an owner prioritise this treatment for your pet. Postponing it will only make it worse! Your pet can get periodontal disease: which is both unpleasant and can result in your pet having to have its teeth out at a younger age than needed. When it gets to this stage it really is too late to brush its teeth. Brushing teeth is really a preventative measure which needs to be done preferably every night or every other night for it to have any affect. Both royal canine and Hills pet food supply a dental food diet, but again only part of the treatment for your dogs dental tartar. Recent studies have demonstrated that there is an association between oral health issues and systemic general health issues affecting the kidneys, heart and metabolic system.  Have you ever wondered why your dog`s breath smells? Bad breath in  pets can be cause by many health or behavioural reasons, but more likely due to lack of oral hygiene.

dental tartar

Plaque is a clear white film that forms on the outside of the teeth. It is formed by bacteria naturally found in the mouth. Tarter or calculus is formed when plaque is allowed to sit and mix with chemicals found in the dogs saliva. This quickly form a coating (made of bacteria) developing on the teeth and also under the gumline. Once tartar is formed, it is too hard to be removed by a toothbrush and require a dental scale and polish. Gingivitis is another big concern. The inflammation of the gums is the immune systems attempt to get rid of the infection from the tartar buildup. Which is the beginning stage of peridonal disease, if this is left uyntreated it can recess into the gumline, periodontal pockets and cause oral abscessed and tooth loss. Because the bacteria from the mouth can become blood born, it can also affect other organs of the body and therefore contribute to heart disease etc and therefore shorten the pets life.

Oral health is key to a long healthy life for our furry friends, not just dogs but cats as well. Think if you had tooth ace and didn’t go to the dentist? It would only get worse, well it’s the same with your pet. Instead of giving stuffed toys and treats for Christmas, why not give your pet a dental scale and polish if its breath smells?

Cat with Santa Claus red hat looking at cameraIMG_0219

This week I had to trim the tooth of a hamster. Most pet rats and pet hamsters will not have a problem with their teeth during their lifetime. If your small pet is happily chewing on toys and food during the day, he will keep his teeth healthy and you will not need to trim them. However, if your furry friend hurts a tooth or becomes sick, it’s possible that tooth overgrowth or another problem will arise that will necessitate a tooth clipping.


That’s me for now, write soon.



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The past month has been so hectic. The second year is MUCH more work than first year that’s for sure! I unfortunately had a computer virus and had so reinstall my computer 2 weeks ago and fell a bit behind on my work because of that. This term they are packing 3 major systems into for term- Respiration, Cardio and Digestion for both Physiology and Anatomy- It’s a lot of information, so by the time I get home from University my brain is on overload. Biomolec and husbandry is quite boring, and we don’t have that many lectures in them because of the amount from the other two subjects. Biomolec has started a new learning program this year called Aropa. This is an anonymous program where the professors give us a question to answer, we then have a certain time to write the answer for the question and upload it onto Aropa website. Once you get to the deadline, the program anonymously sends each student 3 other students’ answers. Then you mark the 3 student answers in a specific time frame and you get feedback from 3 other students and see their comments on your answer. Peerwise is another program that is benefitting the whole class. This isn’t marked, but meant to help for revising. The class write multiple choice questions and post them with the answer onto the website. Then the entire class can go and do you multiple choice question and see if they get it right. If the class posts enough questions, some of the questions we have made will be on our exams, so it’s for our own benefit.

I got my first ever Littmann stethoscope. It is Caribbean blue and has my name engraved on the back of it “Annette Vindenes”.


This was my first patient I was one of the last people of the day to listen to him, so he was getting very bored. I started listening to the heart beat when I suddenly heard a howling I looked up to discovered that the dog had enough, so he had started howling. He got to go for a walk after me=)


The 3rd year class representative had a class party where the whole vet school dressed up as cops & Robbers. It was a lot of fun traveling the underground around Glasgow city center with everyone dressed up as cops or robbers, we got a lot of weird looks. Me myself was dressed up as a FBI agent, in high heals so I don’t think I could have caught a robber if I tried to, hehe.

There has been some really nice events with the Vet Women Football team this year. I think we have an amazing team this year, everyone is so motivated to beat the Edinburgh vets on the 17. November. We have been putting in extra fitness training on monday’s, in addition to our normal training on Wednesday’s. I have also been practicing with the main uni football team and had keeper practice with the defenders on saturday mornings. So hopefully I wont let any goals in on “Dick day”- yes it’s called this because the Edinburgh vets are called Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary studies. We had a fancy event in Arta night club:



We also had an American Pep Ralley in the Hut of the vet school. All the sport that are playing on dick day were there cheering on their sports:

Me and our captain Colleen

Me and my Norwegian friend Christin decided to go to a concert to see the Swedish artist Robyn when she came to Glasgow.
It was a really good concert and I swear the whole Scandinavian society of Edinburgh and Glasgow was there, because everyone around me was talking Norwegian or Swedish. Robyn had a an amazing concert and she also had two swedish female DJ’s warming up (Rebecca & Fiona). They were really good and set the mood for the rest of the night . Amazing concert!
Halloween is a big event in the UK. The vet school had their own party as normal. This year they rented Highligh- which is a comedy club in Glasgow city centre.
I Think we were about 300 vets celebrating Halloween and I’m amazed every year how creative people of our school can be with their costumes. I was dressed as a Possessed Cheerleader. I had contact lenses that made my blue eyes black. I had never worn contacts before and I used an hour and 20 minutes to get them in, but it was wort it cos it really made me a lot scarier.  I now have a new respect for people wearing contacts every day=) I’ve Included some pictures, hope your well. Miss you




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