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Hi just wanted to show  you guys so me pictures from how its been in Glasgow the past couple of days whilst Im stuck in the library reading for Professional exams=)
Its been really sunny and 15-24*c.

My flatmate Natalie (syd) has gotten herself a rescue cat names Amos. He was starved by hes previous owners and was so thin that we could feel all his ribs. After feeding him up a bit hes looking quite healthy, although my rats are terrified=)

Today was the vet school annual rodeo. It’s basically a big fun fair with lots of animals and all the proceeds go to several animal charities. This year it went to Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, Riding for the Disabled, PDSA and the Vet School Development Fund. We raised over 14,000 £  for local charities, and had a great time doing it. There were events such as Falconry, Duck Herding, Magician, Highland Dancers, Dray Rides, Chainsaw sculptor, Ferret Racing, Western Riding, Vaulting.. and many more. Me and Brianna were in charge of taking register for people entering the dog show for the first half of the day. It wasnt a read dog show, but just for fun where the catagories included who had the waggiest tail, who looked most alike (dog & owner) and fun obedience. After we had done our part, because 1st years always help out with the event seeing its the second year students who arrange the whole event, me and Brianna walked around a bit before heading home to hit the books again.


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