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Today is the day, I get to start eating again, wooohooo
2 months & 28 days
i’ve been on this Intensive part of Xtravaganza’s diet and I’ve lost 19KG!!! or 41.9 Pounds!!
Yes it has been har not eating anything but the soups, but well now seeing that number its defenatly worth it right=)
Today is the day I can slowly start to increase my food consuption again. After talking to the health consultant I know to follow this process by the book. She told me that she didn’t follow it and just started eating normally resulting in here having to go to hospital!! so yes im following that book, hehe..
Today for breakfast i got to eat:
– a boiled egg
– 2 spoons of cottage cheese
– half a tea spoon with linseeds
– some chive and caviar
mmmmmm it was soo nice eating something else. Don’t get me wrong I like the soups and shakes, but just the taster of something else after almost 3 months was undescribable. During this process of slowly starting to eat again I will still eat 3 shaker or soups per day, but I will slowly give my body other things to get used to. For 3 days now I will eat about the amount that fits on a tea plate with proteins and vegetables in addition to the soups and shakes, so 6 meals a day. Then on day 3 I will increase the tea plate to a nomal dinner plate, eating proteins, vegetables and some cottage cheese. Then day 5-8 you start on the normal xtravaganza plate, start addign warm vegetables. So slowly increasing my calorie intake from 500kcal to 1400kcal. Then I will continue on half speed eating 3 xtravaganza plates a day with 3xtraVLCD (soups & shakes) until im a bit under my goal weight. Then you start on the program even weight to keep ur new weight. Keeping to 1800kcal and working out 2-3 times a day etc. But I will tell more about that went I get to it. For now im on Half speed and So proud that I managed to go almost 3 months without eating anything solid!

Xtravaganza plate

This is an extravaganza plate, it contains:

– Proteins- a fist of eg: meat, fish, bird, shellfish, egg, cottage cheese, soya, toofy, beans, lentils.

– Carbohydrates: warm vegetables- a fist of eg : white cabbage, root vegetables, broccoli, peas, corn, cauliflower, carrots, spinach

– Carbohydrates: water ritch vegetables: a palm of eg: salad, cucumber, tomatoes, paprika, ruccola salad, mushrooms. Eat bud/sprout everyday.

– Fatt: This is important to keep the brain working at its maximal. We need to reduce the amount of hard fatt and increase the amount of soft fat we eat. so reducing fat from meatproducts, milkproducts, cheese & light butter but increase fatt from fish, avocado, nutts and seads.

Now over to the fun bits=)
These past weeks I’ve been in Glasgow doing some resits (that wasn’t fun), but well when the exams were done, me and my mum went shopping. Now this was fun!
When I left Glasgow before the summer I used the sized 14 to sometimes even 16 or jeans 32 to sometimes 34 waist. Well shopping this round I fitted into jeans with 28 waist! and got some stunning dressed in a size 10 and 8!!! So from the extreme I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 8/10 in 3 months!! thats insane. A lot of fun shopping, now all I need is more money cos nothing in my closet fits me anymore=D Things are also going better with my Oslo health consultant so its all working out=)

Before pictures:

After pictures:

This is a size 8!!


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I thought I would inform all the Norwegian costumers with Xtravaganza about big price difference we found out between prices for the diet in Sweden and Norway.

As I said before in a previous post, Xtravaganza is a Swedish concept that has been in Norway the past couple of years. It just reached Oslo where I live.
VLC = The soup or shakes, is almost 30% cheaper just 2 hours driving from where I live in Oslo.  Xtravaganza isn’t really a cheap diet, but it works. So I thought it would be worth if to just kick this weight once in for all.  First of all you don’t get any discounts on VLC in Norway, even though I’m doing full speed for 3 months.   In Sweden you get a discount so that if you buy a week worth of food you get it cheaper. This results in that the VLC packets are 13kr (about 1,2£) cheaper pr pack in Sweden. When you eat 3 packs a day, that is 3£ a day and (273kr NOK) 21£ a week I’m saving on just driving to Sweden to buy the food.  My mum and I put up a spread sheet to show how much we have bought on full speed and what we save by going to Sweden

This is for 2 people on full speed and as you can see by the yellow marker we save almost 8000kr NOK which is about 800£ by buying VLC in Sweden compared to Norway. That’s insane.
My mum contacted the Norwegian head of Xtravaganza, because there had to be something wrong with this calculation. He said that this is how it is because of taxes etc (which isn’t that much) and that he wouldn’t give anyone a discount.

The Program has just reached Oslo about a year ago, and this resulted in that the only health consultant at the health centre is pretty new. I got the impression that she was new and seeing we could compare with what other health consultants were saying in other parts of the country, we figured that she didn’t really know what she was saying. I instead listened to my Aunts health consultant- who knew here stuff after many years in the program.  Whist the oslo cosultant was saying to slow down on the oil when the weight loss was stopping up, My aunts health consultant were telling me to increase the oil when the weight was stopping up.  Etc.  I know that I was starting this diet at the beginning of the summer and that it would therefore be some limitations to the program. However the health centre in Oslo closed off all group lessons for 10 weeks!!!. I don’t like doing strength 3 days a week and therefore mix it up with classes like step, aerobic, step interval, spinning etc.  This resulted in me having to pay to work out at another center.  The Oslo health consultant also left on vacation for 3 weeks, so I was asking what we were paying  a 100£ (1000kr NOK) for that month. Here in Norway you pay 100£ (1000kr) per month for the 4 first intensive months and then you only pay for the workout center after that.  I refuse to pay 100£ to someone who isn’t there or to a center who isn’t offering me anything! My mum talked to the Head of Norwegian Xtravaganza again, but instead of trying to sort things out., he got angry and said that ”Well we don’t want any costumers who’s not happy with us, so I’m ending your contract”. What kind of business is that? You’re always going to get problems, and cant just jump off when that happens!

Wednesday the 28th me and my mum drove 2 hours each way to Sweden and bought 300 VLC and talked to the health consultant there, who had run over 25 courses the past couple of years. She really knew what she was talking about and was appalled about how the Oslo consultant was handling it. She recommended some new products that they didn’t have in Norway:
To clean out the system whilst doing Xtravaganza to help the weight loss she recommended

  • Xtra psyllium, which is psyllium seed shells.  These seeds will go into the digestive system and clean it out. You drink extra water with this (very important).
  • She also recommended more oil if the weight loss was stopping up.
    we use rapeseed oil (make sure its quality oil)
  • I found that when I leave for work early in the morning and need oil during the day I could bring the oil by having it in a 60 ml container- very practical =)

In Sweden the expiration date on the packets was a lot newer, which was very noticeable on the powder when i make the shakes- it mixes a lot better.
Sweden also had another flavour chocolate toffee. This shake was meant to have less lactoses. I personally though it was sickening and wouldn’t recommend it=)

By the way I had my part goal on Monday and I reached it- wooohooo

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It´s a lovely feeling just set your mind up.

Xtravaganza is this diet I’m on at the moment, and I thought I would tell you a little bit about it, how it is going, and what the concept behind it is.

Xtravaganza is this unique concept to loose weight and basically change the way you eat and live. There is a reason why I’ve gained weight over the past couple of years, so I was obviously not eating right or doing the right things to lose those the mean kg. I must admit that I’m a bit of an impatient person when it comes to weight reduction. I tried the Norwegian diet program ”vektklubben vg” last summer and lost about 5kg over the summer by just eating 1300kcal a day. This is a good way of losing weight, you can eat what you want as long as you keep to the calorie counting, but for me I kind of lost hope when after the summer I couldn’t see much change and I had stuck to the program.  This Easter I went lambing as part of my EMS for vet school, and I talked to my aunt one night on the phone. She had just started on Xtravaganza and was telling me how great it was, the results she was getting from it, concepts etc. I was soon convinced and after 2 months she told me that she had lost 25kg by just following the program. First of all I didn’t think this was possible and secondly I was intrigued that she could get results so quickly.

My aunt before and after the diet

I decided to start on the program as soon as I finished my exam to not jepordize my exam performance.  Seeing Xtravaganza had not reached the Uk yet, just Norway, Sweeden etc my aunt agreed to send the food to me and I would join a program where I lived in Norway when I got home. Whilst I was having my exams I chose to have a low carb diet, to ease my way into the program and lost 3kg by just doing this (+ a little bit of stress because of exam nerves :P)

Xtravaganza is a Swedish program, that has been in Sweden for about 15 years, Norway for about 5 years and then coming to the UK now in September.  The program is build around 4 Guiding stars:  Mind Training, Mental Nourishment, Good Energy and Joy by Movement.  This is so that one can easily change the way you eat and live to reach your goal.  When I reached Norway in the beginning of June I found a centre close by me to start the program.  I got a health consultant who became then my ”healthcoach” that arranged and had the group meetings once a week where she taught the people in my group about the program and about the four guiding stars. She was also there to answer any questions we might have.

My extravaganza meals (shakes/soups)

My favorite meals chocolate & vegetable

The program consist of several levels of intensity.  I chose the program “full speed” where you basically change all your meals into extravaganzas soups or shakes. You eat three of these a day and that’s it!  Now what I thought at first with this was that its only about 500kcal a day. That would surely send my body into starvation mood and I wouldn’t loose a thing + wouldn’t I lose my muscles when my body got that little food.  Xtravaganza’s concept is in this way very unique. In any other case if you were to only have 500kcal a day my fears would happen, but  these shakes/soups contain all the nutrients the body needs to protect the muscles and reach something called a ketose stage where  you get maximum fat burning. I must say that you have to have will power if you want to do this program, because anything like a chewing gum, one carrot anything you eat outside these soups will ruin the ketose burning and you would lose 4-5 days before you got back into the burning process.  The first 2-3 days I got hungry between the shakes and I was told to divide them unto 2 each so that i got 6 meals a day instead of 3. This helped some, and if I got too hungry at night I would just go to bed early. The first 4-5 days on the program the body burned down the carbohydrate storages, which was necessary before the body would start the healthy process.  After day 3 my body had gotten used to the amount of food it got and I was suppliced to realise I was actually getting more energy every day.  My friends asked my boyfriend if I had mood swings—like you do on a diet, when you don’t get food and is grumpy- but actually I was less grumpy- my sugar/insulin levels were more stable on this diet so I didn’t get grumpy. The fact that I within the two first weeks lost about 6 kg also helped on the mood. Isn’t it fun to diet when you see results? =) I didn’t have any training during these two weeks , even though the program encouraged it because I wanted to let my body adjust to the low energy intake, but started working out once a week with muscle training (heavy weights).

I’ve now been on the program for about 8 weeks and I’ve lost around 14kg.  It is showing on all my clothes and especially around my face. Friends of mine that see me now are shocked.   The weight loss have slowed down some now though, so I’ve decided to step up to 3 days of training a week to boost it. I won’t lie, it has been hard going to bbq’s, restaurants or parties where they eat lovely food and drinks, and I sit there with my soup or a class of water., but I’ve motivated myself by thinking that this is temporary and then I’ll have the goal that I want. ” It will never be a good time to diet, there will always be something that doesn’t fit in your diet happening”.  On the Xtravaganza diet it is very important that you drink 3-4 litres of water a day and also supplement the soups/shakes with oil. I’ve used rapeseed oil, because it tastes a lot less than olive oil. The oil was a bit intimidating for me, because I thought that it contained calories. My health consultant explained that you need fat to burn fat and it was also important for the digestion, so the oil is very very very important that you take- once in the morning and two spoons with dinner.  Oh another question I got from a friend was how the shakes/soups tasted. I’m suprised to say that they are actually not that bad. There are several flavours to choose from:


–          Asparagus

–          Mushroom

–          Vegetable (my favourite)


–          Chocolate (my favourite)

–          Vanilla

–          Strawberry

–          Blueberry

–          Cappuccino

Only one more month on “full speed” and then I’ll start of something called “half speed”, where I eat 2 soups /shakes a day + 3 Xtravaganza plate meals, increasing the calorie intake to 1400kcal a day. This will still cause you to loose weight, but at a much slower pace and is also important to adjust the body after the low calorie intake is has gotten over the past 3 months and adjust the body to its new feeding habits  :

Xtravaganza plate

Xtravaganza is based around a low carbohydrate diet, meaning that you should not eat food like bread, pasta, potatoes, grain etc.  But they want you to eat a mix between proteins, fat and carbohydrates (mostly from vegetables).   Half speed is also a time where I’m supposed to test how many carbohydrates I can eat in  my meals before it starts showing on the scale.  It’s a bit scary, because I don’t want to gain the kg back after all the hard work I’ve put in with sticking to full speed.   I’ll keep you all posted on what happens when I switch from the full speed, but hearing from my aunt she hasn’t gained anything in the two months it’s been since she finished full speed and she’s now over to eating normal low crab food without the soups/ shakes and enjoying here new self. Can’t wait to eat something solid 😛

In one of the first meetings we were asked to make a collage with our goals, here is mine:

My goal immage

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