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In the UK you are allowed to apply to four universities to study  veterinary each year and I applied to Glasgow, Nottingham, Bristol and London. Bristol didn’t consider my application and London had a test  you had to take that I didn’t know about until after. So left  was Nottingham and Glasgow where I got offered an interview at both.

Me and my mum went to Nottingham first, where I came from Aberystwyth  and she came from Norway for coaching and support. The interview  process in Notttingham was a whole day process where you had to have a  one on one interview, a group evaluation and a personal practical. I  started off with the group session where we were told that we were all qualified vets and had to devide these tasks after importance. I soon took the word and told the others that we should go through each of the cards and write a list. I think it was important to show that you where open and could take the word in leadership as well as listen to the others in the group and discuss if you didn’t agree.

The next part was an interview where there were one professor, one veterinarian and one dog in the room. At first they asked me a bunch of questions of why I wanted to become a vet, why I had written on my  questionare that the control of antibiotics is an  important area in vet  medicine, they wanted me to explain my dissertation project and some other questions relating to all my work experience and Aberystwyth  University. When this was done they asked me to pretend to be a vet  and welcome the professor and her dog and do a rutine check. I checked  the ears, eyes, teeth, felt her ribs, told her I would take the temperature (Like the vets at vets4pets had done). She seemed healthy to me, hehe.. They turned the dog on  her back and asked me why she was missing a nipple- I though it could  have been glandular cancer (which was correct, yey and a scare she had  I persumed was because she was castrated (that was corrected, but the correct term was spade:P). Over and done with that part.

Last part was a practical where a vet student (1st year) and a professor was present. I had to wear a lab coat and gloves and the  first part was to describe what I saw. Under the first cloth was half  the head of a fox and a chicken, and I had to explain why the chicken had a beak and the fox  canines:P easy… Next part was a dead piglet ,where you had to explain what organs you saw and maybe why it died.  Then it was over to a big x-ray picture. They asked me to indentify  what I saw and what animal it could be. The picture was of a skull and  fortunate for me I had a whole module on Equine Anatomy my first year  and the skull was of a horse. woohoo.. I started naming all the parts  I remembered on the skull. Orbit, mandible, incisor teeth, nasal bone  and where the masseter lay so on.. (talked to the other students after  and none of them had quessed the animal so I guess I did good). The  last part of the practical was to weigh a teddybear dog while you went  on the scale with it (because it was very scared) and then do the  simple math or retracting your weight from the animals. This was very  hard when you were nervous, hehe.. Then you were told that the urine  that was on the table was the animals and to find out the pH which was  acidic. I was told that the animal was urinating excessively and that it had lost weight which indicated that it could have diabetes. wohoo correct again=)!! 1500 applicants – only 300 got an interview for 100  places. Nottingham offered me a conditional place a few weeks later with a 10% scholarship IF I could get an average of 2.1 at Aber. I  accepted gladly!

Next interview was in Glasgow, 8 hour train journey from Aberystwyth.  I was very lucky that my friend Christin Rennie is already a student  at Glasgow so I could visit her at the same time and live with her. We went out and had a good time and on the morning of the interview I  took a taxi 35£ to the veterinary campus. This was a much easier  process where I just had an interview with two professors. They  asked me mostly the same questions as Nottingham and asked me if I was planing on working in Norway  when I was done or the UK? I really  didn’t know what to say, in case they only wanted to have people who  were going to work in the UK, so I told them i wasn’t sure and that a  lot could happen, which is true=) All in all this went well too and a few weeks later I got an offer for a place at Glasgow too (also conditional for 2.1).


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Though I’d start with what has already happend. Aberystwyth is a
Student town, with about 8000 students and 8000 inhabitants. The
little town is situated by the coast in Wales, and you have to get
there by train (Ariva Trains Wales, which are never on time, just so
you know). After my years there (3) it has now gone down to “only”
fifty pubs, and with all the students there this is a vibrant
town. After living in Aber for 3 years you almost know everything
there is to know about the little town and when you walk down the
street you will almost always bump into someone you know. The little
town of Aberystwyth is nestled between three hills and two beaches,
and host some castle ruins, a pier and a harbour. Aber has a very
friendly atmosphere and is a very safe place to live.

I left norway in 2006 in the direction of Aberystwyt. I had never been
there before so I didn’t really know what I was heading for. I was
positively suprised by the town and most of the people there. Of
course you always meet some bad onces ey:P.. The student life was very
relaxed and I think it was a nice ease into what I want to become.
Animal science is described as “studying the biology of animals that
are under the control of mankind”. I chose the companion animal
pathway, which included everything from dogs, cats, horses, farm
animals and rodents. I studied the scientific understanding of how
animals work: the physiology and biochemistry of trissues and major
organ systems down to the structure and function of cells and growth,
reproduction, nutrition and lactation. We were also thought how to
optimise the processes to improve the animal productivity, health and
welfare + much much more. All in all I think I got a nice ease into
what im heading for now, veterinary. I was also tought how to do
research in my dissertation which was about the disease Alveld and the
effect it had on the rumen microbes. This was very intresting and I
got to try a lot of new research methods like DNA extraction, PCR,
Gass production and protozoa isolation, all in all a very good
experience. Studying Animal Science has thought me a lot, not only
academic but also people wise. I feel I have grown a lot as a person
and I am even more sure that veterinary is what I want to do. After 3
years I now have a BSc in Animal Science=D

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