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Qualified Veterinarian

“Your profession is not what brings home your paycheck. Your profession is what you were put on earth to do with such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling” Van Gogh

Ever since I was a little girl I was always interested in animals. In school the teachers taught us about human history and I would ask questions about the animals. I always wanted to be a veterinarian – the student advice councillor at my school said I should pick something easier. To me it wasn’t a choice. It was my passion. I didn’t want to become anything else.

With dyslexia and learning difficulties I could have picked a profession that would have been easier to achieve. Would I then be happy for the rest of my working professional life?

I recently qualified as veterinarian from Glasgow University after 5 hard working years. It has been a much tougher road then I though it would be starting this career path. I first completed a bachelor in Animal Science at Aberystwyth university studying in english my 2nd language. Great to do to get into the terminology, but the veterinary title was always my goal. Then I got accepted at Glasgow university were I have been the past 5 years. I have watched close friends repeat years, I have had resit exams and sacrifices along the way. I feel very fortunate I didn’t have to repeat a year- especially when I was hospitalised with gal bladder stones in 3rd year, but did my exams anyways and passed them. Some girls in my year had even repeated 3 extra years – so 8 years in total- but they got through. Having had resit exams made me doubt my knowledge- but my councillor pointed out that resitting an exam isn’t always so bad. Some people need longer to go through the material- so you might even know it better now that you have had to repeat it again. I have suffered from exam anxiety trough veterinary school. This is quite common in higher education- and I think its because the pressure of making it becomes so huge. Because Norway (the country I’m from) isn’t part of the EU, I had to pay full fees of 18,750 pounds a year. If you times this with 5 plus an undergrad degree, you’ve accumulated a lot of dept over the years- so the option of repeating a year or not making it wasn’t there. Every time I had an exam- the thunderclouds that was my finances was sat over my head making the anxiety worse. For my final exams we had a power cut in the middle of the exam- although this was beneficial for most students- because they got extra time then to think things over, it worked differently for me. I didn’t spend the time thinking about the answers to the exam, but rather about what would happen if I didn’t pass this exam. I worked myself up to the point that when we were allowed to continue the exam (an hour later), I couldn’t even read the questions on the paper. I couldn’t understand what it said anymore, which stressed me out even further. I ended up failing that exam with 1%. It was devastating. I wouldn’t get to graduate with my class, the class I had been with the past 5 years. I had the resit exam 2 months later after reading all summer. I actually had one of my final exam on my birthday, fun ey. I felt I knew the material well enough for the first exam, but then going over it again all through the summer I knew it even better. I will be graduating with some of my other class mates on the 5th of December- but until then I managed to land my first job as a veterinarian.

It was my first interview with a great organisation including a new graduate scheme with a mentoring system- rotations through their branches and potential for further surgical certifications on the 2nd year. I will be the best veterinarian I can be, and I really feel this job will give me a great stepping stone into the working life.

“The greatest oak was once a little nut, who held his ground”.

You work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you enjoy doing.

The veterinarians Prayer:

Oh lord, maker of all living things, I ask that you guide me everyday, with compassion, as I attend to the animals that are in need of my care. Guide me in all decisions and keep me focused. Grant me the ability to console those in need, comfort those that are saddened, and to rejoice in all of your miracles, and please lord, give me courage, to make the tough decisions and the knowledge to help heal in a gentle loving manner.


Love Annette


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