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The summer is definately here =) Since I got back to Norway the sun has been shining with temperatures of 25-30’c every day. Ive been enjoying the sunshine with my cousin in the park. One day we even brought the cats to enjoy the park life. they seemed to be settling down nicely=)


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Hi Again

I’m really sorry its taking me this long to write anything. To be honest I’ve not had the greatest time in the past 6 months, so kinda not had the energy to write. Anyways its the start of the summer so I thought I would start again. Maybe summaries some of the things that have happened the past year as well..

The past month has been hell. 8am to 8 pm reading at the main Library Every day!! Fingerscrossed its enough to pass my exams for 3rd year.

Glasgow University Library & Main University in the sunshine

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