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I’m in shock over how long it been since writing something. To be honest I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with life lately. Every now and then there is a time when you need to figure out what you want in life, who you want to have there with you, not to mention I figured out why I’ve been so tired the last year.  I’m going to try and catch you all up on what’s been going on since the vet ball.

My mum came to visit is what I ended with last time, it was really nice to have here there as usual with her support and home cocked meals. I dunno if I wrote about this, but the past year Id been really really exhausted. Getting closer to Easter break it got to the point where I would go to lectures for 4 hours then have to go home to rest because I was so tired, and even after sleeping I was still exhausted. I was lucky to have Brianna there because she writes every word the lecturers say in lectures and sent them to be of the once I missed, so I wouldn’t miss any information. Still with this help I was starting to fall behind. As you can see I didn’t blog and I wasn’t as organized with my stuff as I used to be. Id been asked to be the photographer for this year’s vet school nude calendar. This is a calendar of the 5th years (wearing very little clothes, while posing doing vet stuff). The calendar is sold and the money is given to charity. Its all very classy and no one reveals anything really. Anyway with me so tired it was a real effort for me to organize times and photograph these people, even though I love photography. I just wasn’t feeling well. As soon as id finished photographing, the pictures where sent to Scott McGinley, who has been the photographer the previous years, and he edited the pictures for me. I’ve always been a landscape photographer so he also gave me pointers on portraits.. I must say the end product turned out pretty well. I think the 5th year was happy too.

I left right before out class exam in physiology. We thought that id locked my back, because of all the back pain id been having, so we booked an appointment with my Naprapat Jannicke when I got home because I just wasn’t functioning. Jannicke did find a “locked” vertebrae in my spine, but when id explained to here that id been getting so much pain that id been throwing up, she got worried and said that I shouldn’t get symptoms like that from what she found. Jannicke even did research in here medical books to see if there were any rare occasions, which there wasn’t. Being home, it didn’t get any better.. Once the pain attacks, as I called them, came, I couldn’t do anything but lay on the floor twisting until it passed. A lot of the times throwing up helped it pass quicker. I felt like a bulimic. The problem with my pain was that I didn’t feel it as much once the attacks had passed, so by the time my mum got me to the emergency room, the doctors could only go by what I explained because most of it had passed by them. I had an open return to the ER emergency at Diakon Hospital in Oslo. It took me about 3 times before they committed me to the hospital. Id started to go yellow (jaundice) and then they figured out that what I had was gallbladder stones. I’m not really in the set age group for this problem. Your meant to be over 40, female, fair haired and fat. Well I fitted two of those. They took an Ultrasound and found that their diagnosis was right, I was sent to an MMR and there they found that one of the stones had gotten stuck in the duct leading out from the gallbladder causing a blockage. It had been the movement of these stones that caused the pain. Many people have gallbladder stones and never notice them. They are normally big stones and they will just lay there for the rest of your life without problems. My stones where small and caused problems because they moved.

Another reason why they hadn’t figured it out was that my back pain had been much lower than what’s normal with this kind of diagnosis.  I was sent to remove the stone in the duct, but when they did this, they managed to get gallbladder acid on my pancreas (bukspyttkjertelen) thereby giving my pancreatic. I was pretty touch and go for a few days there. The doctors didn’t tell us this until id gotten better luckily. I was on intravenous liquid, up to 15 liters a day. My arm was completely cold because of all the fluids going through me. It was the only way to “cure” me. To flush my system clean.  I was in a lot of pain, so I was given opiates, but the opiate made me nauseous which made me throw up gallbladder acid. So the nurses gave me opiates and nauseous relieving medicine every other time.  Ivan and my mum was there all the hours they could, from 10 in the morning until 10 at night. At was really good having them there, even though I was passed out most of the time form the medication. IVAN was telling jokes like called me his sunshine or bringing oranges in to me, because I was so yellow.

The doctors wanted to remove my gallbladder then. But well that could mean that if the operation didn’t go so well, id be stuck in the hospital for 3 more weeks and thereby jeopardizing my exams in may. Id already lost the entire Easter break worth of reading, so if I wanted to take my exams I couldn’t do this now. The doctors agreed to let me have the surgery in June after my exams, but if there was any symptoms at all I would have to get it removed in the Uk. The doctors therefore sent with me an envelope with MMR pictures, Ultrasound Pictures and a description I was meant to give the doctors there if anything happened. I managed to go to Kristiansand for a quick trip to meet Ivan’s family before heading back to Glasgow.

After my exams ( I will write another blog with the things that happened before my exams) I went home and had the surgery on the 9th of June. I was a one day surgery. I went in and got the gallbladder removed through a slit in my navel. They were meant to open me up in 4 places on my tummy, because the hepatic duct leading to the liver was so short. But the doctors where so good, they took their time (2 hours), got other doctors to come and help and managed to only have one incision. So I only have a scar in my navel now, which is amazing.  Living without a gallbladder is fine, I seem to be able to eat what I want, apart from really greasy food, that will give me diarrhea, but I don’t eat that much greasy food anyways. Well now you know…




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