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February is a very social month at Glasgow. The third years have their half way dinner, which celebrates the third years being halfway through vet school. I can’t wait until next year when I get to celebrate being half way done. Thursday night was Mr. Vet School, the competition where the guys of the vet school go through rounds where they compete for the title to become Mr. Vet School. This years acts wasn’t as good as last year though, but I think it’s very brave to get up in female lingerie in front of the entire school. They also played twister bathed in baby oil, drank laxative, waxed eyebrows and chests. The nasty eating round this year was completed by all the guys, so I don’t understand why then some of them didn’t continue, I think there were some problems with the QMU union during the show!

Ivan came Wednesday from Africa and got to come both for Mr. Vet School and the Vet Ball. Ryan who is Brianna’s boyfriend had come from the USA for the event as well. I don’t think the guys liked Mr. Vet School much, but seeing there were mostly girls there, Ivan actually got grabbed by someone at the bar, hehe.

Saturday Night was the Annual Vet Ball. It was held at the Hilton Hotel Glasgow again like last year.  Me and Ivan sat on a table with Brianna & Ryan, Laura & Kegan, Amy & Matt, Christina & Alix, so there were at least other guys for the guys to talk with. They had spelled Ivans name wrong, despite Christina emailed them with the right spelling, so his new nick name is now Sjoberry instead of Sjøberg, hehe! We had a table in the middle on the right side so we could see the stage pretty well. There was a fish appetizer, the main course was chicken breast filled with mushroom mousseline covered in pastry lattice, whilst for dessert they served champagne jelly, clotted cream ice cream & raspberry compote.

After the dinner the dancing started. They started by playing swing music. Me and Ivan decided that we should take a swing course seeing none of us really got it 😛 It could also be that we have never danced together before. Then it was on to Ceilidh dancing (the Scottish folk dance). The dance floor was packed so it was a bit hard to move but I must say that me & Ivan did a lot better at this than the swing, well we think we did, hehe. At the end they switched to a DJ with normal club dancing and old classics like mc hammer 😛 I can at least say the feet where soar when we left after 8 hours at 2am. All in all a really good night!

Everyone looked so good in their dressed and all the guys dressed up in their kilt. Ivan wore his Military Ball uniform so he kind of stood out. I even overheard some girls in the bathroom talking about that they wondered what he did, and all the Americans came to shake his hand to thank him for his service. It is a completely different culture with the Americans and the Army.  Today I drove Ivan to the airport and just slept to recover for another full week of lectures. I need to catch up on some reading after all these festivities. My mum is coming to visit for a week on Wednesday so looking forward to that.

Write more soon=)



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