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Veterinary medicine as a profession was born 250 years ago with the founding of the first school of veterinary medicine in Lyon, France. The World Veterinary Association, along with other leading veterinary organizations, have designated 2011 as the “Year of the Veterinarian”, and the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences is taking part in the effort to help promote the global spread of knowledge in veterinary medicine.

Today, veterinarians play vital roles all over the world concerning people and animals alike.

I can’t believe that over 250 years ago, this wonderful profession started. A lot has changed;  For example that women now dominate the field of veterinary medicine —

As of 2010, the veterinary profession is about 50 percent men and 50 percent women, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, while enrollment in veterinary medical colleges is about 80 percent women. This wasn’t the case before – Vet med shifted in 50 years from 98 percent male to 50-50, now the profession struggles to keep the percentage of males and females 50-50. So a lot of schools will have lower marks for males to enter than females, which I really don’t find fair. I mean no one talked about making it easier for the women when veterinary was a male profession. Anyways I’m glad veterinary is such a big profession and still growing. It only proves people are caring more about their animals right. On the other hand I saw in AVMA 1,300 u.s counties have less than one veterinarian pr 25,000 farm animals, and there are 500 counties with at least 5,000 farm animals that have no food supply veterinarians to treat. The article also said that in 20 years there will be a shortage of 15,000 veterinarians, according to the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges. Maybe I call pull off this massive loan after all. At least I know I will have a job when I’m done.

Its been kind of hectic since i got back, because of the snow, we had 2 rescheduled exams the second week after we got back. I really needed the break over christmas and it was hard to find the motivation to study for exams as soon as I got back after the break. I do think on the other hand that I had more motivation and therefore did better in the two exams now than I would have if we had them with the two others before christmas. The results are not up yet, so will have to wait and see if I’m right. To be fair all the class exams are worth either 15% or 7,5% so not a lot to be worried about. It’s the may exams worth 85% I need to nail!

I had a hard time focusing because my wisdom tooth has been acting up since I got back, so in addition to reading for the exams I didn’t get much sleep. I went to the dentist who said that because I have a little mouth the tooth didn’t have space to grow, so it had started growing into my cheek causing an infection great! I went on antibiotics because taking the tooth out now would knock me out for exams. Two days ago, when the infection was gone, I went to the dentist again to take the tooth out. The dentist was really nice, and my norwegian friend Christin came with me for moral support. After pushing and wiggling the tooth for 30 minutes on local anaesthetics the dentist concluded that she couldn’t take it out because there was no room. so every time she pushed out and needed to go further my jaw spasmed because there wasnt space for here to push further. They therefore sent me to another dentist in the city centre to be sedated so they could push it further without my jaw spasming. Christin came with me which was good, because after this sedation I wouldn’t have been allowed to drive and I needed someone to babysit me for the rest of the night. Christin drove my car and I slept over at heres. I don’t remember anything from them taking the tooth out (even though I was awake), I don’t remember paying or driving home, just that I was sitting on Christin’s sofa.
I missed a day’s lectures, so I’m trying to catch up on this weeks work, my jaw is akin, but im on pain killers so it will be fine.

I’m still trying to find a room-mate in the flat im in at the moment, but because the flat it a bit outside of town its hard to get someone. I found this 1st year vet student that seemed great, she had a dog though and the landlord doesn’t want a dog in the flat, even though she’s ok with my rats and for me to watch dogs in weekend.
I havent done much this term apart from reading and the tooth. In Anatomy and physiology we  have started learning about the female reproductive system and how to manipulate reproduction, which I find very interesting. In biomolec we are learning about immunology and cancer development. There is a cancer research building at the vet campus, so I’m trying to find out if I might be able to do some EMS ( Work experience) there, seeing I find cancer very interesting. Husbandry have stepped it up with Nutrition. I’ve always found calculating energy requirement out of feeds kind of hard, so next week I’m having a meeting with the professor so that he can try to explain it more to me one on one. The guy we have in Nutrition – Peter Hastie- is a professor that used to teach at Aberystwyth before I started there, isn’t the world small!. The days are long 9-5 with lectures every day so I’m exhausted when I get home, I just have to keep on top of this=).
Ivan is coming in two weeks from Afrika for the vet ball, so I’m looking forwards to that. Talked to him on Skype today and got to see one of the monkey’s. It was adorable.

Will write more soon
~ Annette




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