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I’m back home in Norway. Last week was meant to be hell week with 5 exams in 5 days, but Glasgow weather managed to correct this. Monday the 6, December we had the Anatomy written exam, but at 7.30 am that morning it started snowing bad. It was like a mini blizzard. Seeing Glasgow isn’t used to having snow, this massive snowfall created chaos and a lot of students had problems getting to their exam, because all public transportation were cancelled.  I walked to mine, seeing I’ve moved very close to the vet campus. Tuesday we had our anatomy practical exam, and the week was meant to continue Wednesday with the biomolec exam.  Instead we received this

“EXAM UPDATE: All exams on Wednesday and Thursday are cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions. “ http://twitter.com/GlasgowUni. Later we got this
“ The University has decided to cancel examinations scheduled to be held on Wednesday 8 December and Thursday 9 December. It is expected that the examination schedule will resume on Friday 10 December, but a message will be on the website by noon on Thursday about the rest of the week. As it is impossible to reschedule all the cancelled exams in December arrangements will be made for them to be held in January.”
We still had out Animal Husbandry exam Friday, but biomolec and physiology will now be held one of the first weeks back after our Christmas break. One of the American girls in our year asked me “so Annette, as a Norwegian citizen, had exams ever been cancelled for you because of snow?”  I just laughed and said no, because from Norway where we have a lot more snow than 10-15 cm, I have never had an exam cancelled because of snow. I’m actually quite happy that biomolec and physiology was rescheduled because physiology had a lot of information to it this term, so it’s nice to have some extra time reading over the material. There were a lot of mixed feelings about the rescheduling of the exams, some students were angry that they now have to read over break, and some had the same feeling like me. I mean they did schedule 5 exams in a week, so the fact that we had a 2 day break and 3 exams instead kind of lowered the stress level.

I left Glasgow after my exam Friday to fly out from Edinburgh, I didn’t fly until 9 at night, but left my flat early. This was good, because it had gone from -11’c to 6+ that day so the snow had started to melt, creating floods on the roads and a lot of roads were closed. I reached the airport after 4 hours of travel, which normally takes me 2-3 hours. Landed at Gardermoen, Norway at midnight and was of course the last person getting my bag.  Next week I’m working some for my mum and looking forward to seeing all my girls as they get back from around Norway where they study. Were all going to Hemsedal for New years so I hope I get to go skiing.


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