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After the pep Rally and Women football karaoke fun  at Shanghai Shuffle, Dick day was finally here! We had all worked so hard, with extra practices like fitness or keeper practice. Dick day is the day Glasgow vets play the Edinburgh (dick) vets in Hockey, Rugby, Football & netball. The Women teams of Glasgow beat the Edinburgh women but the Edinburgh men won over Glasgow men, but all in all Glasgow Won the day, which was great seeing it was at home ground this year.

Yesterday it started snowing, I ran outside at midnight to be snowed down. Really reminds me of home and how much I wish these exams were over. They have given us Christmas exams 6,7,8,9 & 10th of December this year. I leave for home on the 10th in the evening. Can’t wait! There is so much reading for exams this year because we have gone through almost half of what we are meant to learn this entire year already. Hope my brain can cope with all this information. I also moved into a two bedroom flat at Killermont view after Stuart informed me that his brother was going to live at the flat permanently. Seeing his brother was an arrogant, rude, unliveable guy + his girlfriend, I immediately started looking for a new place. This flat is great and just behind the vet school. Its got wooden floors and IKEA design so kind of reminds me of home. All I need now is to find a flat mate, which can be tricky around this time of year. When I woke up today, everything was white and I walked over to the vet school seeing dogs playing in the snow. It really made me Miss Theodor and think of getting a dog here. Anyways back to exam reading, I’m at the James Herriot library now. Miss you all, wish me luck



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The 5th to the 7th of November was the AVS (The Association of Veterinary Students) Sports Weekend. This is a weekend where all the vet schools of the United Kingdom (7 In total) come together for a weekend to get to know each other, have fun & play some sports. The location for AVS changes each year between all the schools and this year the event was held in Edinburgh.
All the different Universities dress up in different themes, Glasgow’s theme was Clowns and the 5th years were Spartans. Because Edinburgh is just an hour drive away from Glasgow and we get the Friday off from lectures for this event, Glasgow decided to make a day out of it anyways. 4 bussed with 200 Glasgow vets left the Vet school at 10.30am to go to Newcastle for a pub Crawl for a couple of hours before then driving back to Edinburgh to get there at the evening.
We sang our University Songs on the bus- these are basically songs were we sing about how great Glasgow vet school is compared to all the others & partied on the bus to Newcastle. I think we made quite a sign arriving in Newcastle- a bunch of clowns and Spartans all jumping about. We danced and partied on 5 pubs around Newcastle before leaving to go to Edinburgh around 7pm.

We reached Edinburgh around 9.30pm  and was taken to their Union, were we meet all the other universities; Liverpool, Dublin, Bristol, London, Cambridge,  Nottingham & Edinburgh- we were also serve pizza. Dublin was dressed in orange prison jump suits, Nottingham were all blue dressed as avatar, Edinburgh was dressed as the Rocky Horror picture show, Cambridge was dressed as zorro & London was dressed as sheep. Glasgow had 200 vets at the event and were had the most social people- even more than Edinburgh that hosted it. Cambridge only had about 50 vets, Dublin that came over by plain even had over 100 vets.  After partying in their union for a couple of hours, me, Christina, Molly, Brianne & Abbey went outside where we were meet by an Edinburgh/ Dick Vet 4th year Lauren who we were sleeping at for the weekend. She also took 5 Nottingham vets. We got to know the others, turned out they were 1st year vets and a really nice bunch of people.









The next day our nice host Laura mad us breakfast and we all got on busses to go to the “sports grounds”. The Universities had different coloured t-shirts with the theme of their fancy dress. Glasgow had red t-shirts with clown bows on. At the grounds there were telts where one could, dance in a ceilidh (Scottish folk dance) or ride a rodeo sheep:

Outside one could play Rugby, Hockey etc or try some highland games like: throwing hay, willies or sumo wrestle.






Here is the video of my Wrestling career, im the one with the red thong!

At the evening we all went on a pub-crawl it all ending at this night club called City in Edinburgh. I must say it was a special feeling looking out over the dance floor knowing it was 1200 vets there.


















Sunday we all said good buy and took the train back to Glasgow. It had been an amazing weekend & made a lot of new friends=)

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You’re just too good to be true.
Can’t take my eyes off you.
You’d be like Heaven to touch.
I wanna hold you so much.
At long last love has arrived
And I thank God I’m alive.
You’re just too good to be true.
Can’t take my eyes off you.



Naa na, Naa na, Naa na na-na na
Naa na, Naa na, Naa na na-na na
Naa na, Naa na, Naa na na-na na
Naa na, Naa na, Naaaaaaaaaaaa

I love you Glasgow
And if its quite alright
I need you Glasgow
To warm the lonely Night
Oh pretty Glasgow
Trust in me when I say…..

Don’t go to Bristol
Just ‘cos they’re on TV
Don’t go to Edinburgh
‘Cos you’ll get HIV
Just come to Glasgow baby
Come to Glasgow….

Don’t go to London
Because its way to far
Don’t go to Liverpool
Cause they’ll steal you car
Just come to Glasgow baby
Come to Glasgow….

Don’t go to Dublin
Unless your on the piss
Don’t go to Cambridge
cause they all talk like this
Just come to Glasgow baby
Come to Glasgow….

Don’t come to Nottingham
Because soon you’ll see
They’re fucking useless
And it’s a fake degree
Just come to Glasgow baby
Come to Glasgow


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The past month has been so hectic. The second year is MUCH more work than first year that’s for sure! I unfortunately had a computer virus and had so reinstall my computer 2 weeks ago and fell a bit behind on my work because of that. This term they are packing 3 major systems into for term- Respiration, Cardio and Digestion for both Physiology and Anatomy- It’s a lot of information, so by the time I get home from University my brain is on overload. Biomolec and husbandry is quite boring, and we don’t have that many lectures in them because of the amount from the other two subjects. Biomolec has started a new learning program this year called Aropa. This is an anonymous program where the professors give us a question to answer, we then have a certain time to write the answer for the question and upload it onto Aropa website. Once you get to the deadline, the program anonymously sends each student 3 other students’ answers. Then you mark the 3 student answers in a specific time frame and you get feedback from 3 other students and see their comments on your answer. Peerwise is another program that is benefitting the whole class. This isn’t marked, but meant to help for revising. The class write multiple choice questions and post them with the answer onto the website. Then the entire class can go and do you multiple choice question and see if they get it right. If the class posts enough questions, some of the questions we have made will be on our exams, so it’s for our own benefit.

I got my first ever Littmann stethoscope. It is Caribbean blue and has my name engraved on the back of it “Annette Vindenes”.


This was my first patient I was one of the last people of the day to listen to him, so he was getting very bored. I started listening to the heart beat when I suddenly heard a howling I looked up to discovered that the dog had enough, so he had started howling. He got to go for a walk after me=)


The 3rd year class representative had a class party where the whole vet school dressed up as cops & Robbers. It was a lot of fun traveling the underground around Glasgow city center with everyone dressed up as cops or robbers, we got a lot of weird looks. Me myself was dressed up as a FBI agent, in high heals so I don’t think I could have caught a robber if I tried to, hehe.

There has been some really nice events with the Vet Women Football team this year. I think we have an amazing team this year, everyone is so motivated to beat the Edinburgh vets on the 17. November. We have been putting in extra fitness training on monday’s, in addition to our normal training on Wednesday’s. I have also been practicing with the main uni football team and had keeper practice with the defenders on saturday mornings. So hopefully I wont let any goals in on “Dick day”- yes it’s called this because the Edinburgh vets are called Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary studies. We had a fancy event in Arta night club:



We also had an American Pep Ralley in the Hut of the vet school. All the sport that are playing on dick day were there cheering on their sports:

Me and our captain Colleen

Me and my Norwegian friend Christin decided to go to a concert to see the Swedish artist Robyn when she came to Glasgow.
It was a really good concert and I swear the whole Scandinavian society of Edinburgh and Glasgow was there, because everyone around me was talking Norwegian or Swedish. Robyn had a an amazing concert and she also had two swedish female DJ’s warming up (Rebecca & Fiona). They were really good and set the mood for the rest of the night . Amazing concert!
Halloween is a big event in the UK. The vet school had their own party as normal. This year they rented Highligh- which is a comedy club in Glasgow city centre.
I Think we were about 300 vets celebrating Halloween and I’m amazed every year how creative people of our school can be with their costumes. I was dressed as a Possessed Cheerleader. I had contact lenses that made my blue eyes black. I had never worn contacts before and I used an hour and 20 minutes to get them in, but it was wort it cos it really made me a lot scarier.  I now have a new respect for people wearing contacts every day=) I’ve Included some pictures, hope your well. Miss you




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