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Autumn or Fall

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.
~Elizabeth Lawrence


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I am official a second year VET STUDENT
Passed my resit in Physiology and got one point away from a B, In Anatomy I got an A+ . Alison King my Anatomy lecturer said:

“Have had a look and you crushed the exam – would have been in the A bandings if you hadn’t been resitting. Well done – just make sure you get that first time next year!”‘

Me in surgical gown

I’m really glad I got to continue with my year. I know of around 7 people that had to redo the year and some people have also dropped out completely!

This year there are a lot of changes, I’ve moved into a new flat closer to the vet school. I’ve also moved in with a very nice gentleman named Stewart. He’s not a student, but works with real-estate, he is also captain of the Annisland Ruby Team so I basically have the flat to myself seeing he’s never her.  Only problem I have now is that his brother and brothers girlfriend is visiting from New Zealand and we don’t know when they are planing on leaving. They have stayed here over a month now!

New flat second floor at the end=)

I’ve also got a different car this year. It looks more grown up, and hopefully won’t have as much trouble as the last one! So with all these new changes and me passing my exams i’m hoping never to have a resit again and to have a fresh start to second year.

Nissan Micra E, 2003

After the first week back we had our welcome back party at the vet school. This was held at Walkabout in Glasgow city centre and the theme was Swinging 60’s. I was therefore dressed as a Hippie. A lot of class mates and upper classes spoke to me about how well they though I looked and how much weight I had lost over the summer. It felt really good that people see the difference and makes me want to keep it off even more.  The party was really good and it was really nice seeing everyone again + I got to meet some of our new freshers.

Me & Brianna as Hippies

Second year is not a walk on roses, after week 2 we have so much information I will have to work every day to stay on top of my work. This summer I was lucky enough to get tickets to a concert in Glasgow which was MTV crashes Glasgow with P.diddy. P. diddy hasn’t been in the UK in over 5 years so this was a very exclusive concert. I took Brianna and we managed to get on the front row. There was a lot of good artists. Jodie Connor warmed up, followed by Skepta, before P. diddy and the Dirty Money crew finished the concert off. Because this was MTV the concert will actually be on tv on the 8. October. So make sure you look on MTV on the 8 October. The camera filmed me and Brianna on the front row several times. Oh and P.Diddy also wore a kilt=)

P.diddy in a kilt

Today I went to the International Highland Cattle show in Pallock country park. There was a lot of highland cattle and I got to hug one of them=) I really think I’m going to get one of these cows one day, they are so cute and fluffy! I’ll try and write soon. Miss you.


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Last weeks of Summer

Before i came back to Glasgow I had 2 weeks where I fully enjoyed my summer

In Bergen I visited my family and went to the cabin for a couple of days. This is the place where all stress goes away=)

My gran driving the boat

My aunt harvesting potatoes

My aunt has a dog, nova scotia duck tolling retriever, which had 7 puppies over the summer. They decided to keep “Laura”

My aunt has also become the new director for Statsraad Lehmkuhl which is the worlds largest three-masted barque rigged sail training vessel. Really hope to sail with her one day=)

The Statsraad Lehmkuhl

I saw my God mother “aunt Ann” which was in shock to see me again. She was picking me up in the centre of town and didn’t recognise me because of all the weight I’ve lost.  She drove me to see here children Isabell and Daniel. Daniel hardly recognised me as well. It’s kind of fun when people you know well act like that. Proves that what you have done has actually changed you a lot, even if you don’t see it as well.

I flew from Bergen to Kristiansand to see my good friend Ida. She has lived in Kristiansand for a year now and it was really good to see how happy she is there, and meet all the nice friends she has made. I had some wonderful days and will definitely come back to Kristiansand soon. I’m even considering working there next summer if I get a job=)

Getting back to Oslo I left for Vågå with my mum to relax on here friend Sisko’s spa “Heggerøsten” for a couple of days. This is far up in the mountain side, far from people, Everyday is spent taking saunas, spa’s, reading and thinking. One of the days Sisko took us to collect stones in the river, the mountain was filled with beautiful colours. All in all I felt very relaxed before going back for my Second year as a vet student.

Sisko and my mum collecting rocks

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