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Today is the day, I get to start eating again, wooohooo
2 months & 28 days
i’ve been on this Intensive part of Xtravaganza’s diet and I’ve lost 19KG!!! or 41.9 Pounds!!
Yes it has been har not eating anything but the soups, but well now seeing that number its defenatly worth it right=)
Today is the day I can slowly start to increase my food consuption again. After talking to the health consultant I know to follow this process by the book. She told me that she didn’t follow it and just started eating normally resulting in here having to go to hospital!! so yes im following that book, hehe..
Today for breakfast i got to eat:
– a boiled egg
– 2 spoons of cottage cheese
– half a tea spoon with linseeds
– some chive and caviar
mmmmmm it was soo nice eating something else. Don’t get me wrong I like the soups and shakes, but just the taster of something else after almost 3 months was undescribable. During this process of slowly starting to eat again I will still eat 3 shaker or soups per day, but I will slowly give my body other things to get used to. For 3 days now I will eat about the amount that fits on a tea plate with proteins and vegetables in addition to the soups and shakes, so 6 meals a day. Then on day 3 I will increase the tea plate to a nomal dinner plate, eating proteins, vegetables and some cottage cheese. Then day 5-8 you start on the normal xtravaganza plate, start addign warm vegetables. So slowly increasing my calorie intake from 500kcal to 1400kcal. Then I will continue on half speed eating 3 xtravaganza plates a day with 3xtraVLCD (soups & shakes) until im a bit under my goal weight. Then you start on the program even weight to keep ur new weight. Keeping to 1800kcal and working out 2-3 times a day etc. But I will tell more about that went I get to it. For now im on Half speed and So proud that I managed to go almost 3 months without eating anything solid!

Xtravaganza plate

This is an extravaganza plate, it contains:

– Proteins- a fist of eg: meat, fish, bird, shellfish, egg, cottage cheese, soya, toofy, beans, lentils.

– Carbohydrates: warm vegetables- a fist of eg : white cabbage, root vegetables, broccoli, peas, corn, cauliflower, carrots, spinach

– Carbohydrates: water ritch vegetables: a palm of eg: salad, cucumber, tomatoes, paprika, ruccola salad, mushrooms. Eat bud/sprout everyday.

– Fatt: This is important to keep the brain working at its maximal. We need to reduce the amount of hard fatt and increase the amount of soft fat we eat. so reducing fat from meatproducts, milkproducts, cheese & light butter but increase fatt from fish, avocado, nutts and seads.

Now over to the fun bits=)
These past weeks I’ve been in Glasgow doing some resits (that wasn’t fun), but well when the exams were done, me and my mum went shopping. Now this was fun!
When I left Glasgow before the summer I used the sized 14 to sometimes even 16 or jeans 32 to sometimes 34 waist. Well shopping this round I fitted into jeans with 28 waist! and got some stunning dressed in a size 10 and 8!!! So from the extreme I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 8/10 in 3 months!! thats insane. A lot of fun shopping, now all I need is more money cos nothing in my closet fits me anymore=D Things are also going better with my Oslo health consultant so its all working out=)

Before pictures:

After pictures:

This is a size 8!!


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