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Turn your life around!!


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” The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separatly without growing apart”
– Elisabeth Foley

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Monday started off by being quite long, we went to lectures and then to the farm in the afternoon to practice lambing with last year’s dead lambs. It was all to simulate difficult situations and for us to practice getting twins and triplets out. The lecturer walked around to give us hard cases- he gave Brianna triplets and asked her to get them out without her knowing how many she had. When she had taken out 2 lambs she said- “im done” – we all laughed and Brianna learned an important lesson to ALWAYS check. Tuesday was “pancake Tuesday” in the UK so me and Brianna made pancakes. I had the pancakes with strawberry jam, but Brianna is from the USA so she had the pancakes with peanut butter and milk chocolate syrup and almost made herself sick. Thursday we had a suturing class and I volunteered to be a tutor.  So I got a private practical for an hour before hand and then on Thursday I got 3 groups of 3 people on each to teach how to suture up 3 dead cats. Then the teacher would come a couple of hours later to check that it was done properly. All my groups passed and I found it kind of fun=)

Friday my mum and my little sister Denise came to visit. In the evening we went to this really cozy restaurant near me called the tickly trout. They had amazing food and I really nice pub atmosphere.  Saturday  I showed them around the main university, the vet campus and went shopping. I certainly found it me and Denise is related because she seems to love shopping even more than me. In the evening we went out to this Italian restaurant in Bearden.  We were really lucky with the weather and had sun and blue sky all weekend, so Sunday we drove to Stirling which is about 1 hour away. In Stirling there is an amazing castle which lay on top of this hill overlooking the entire city.  So we went sightseeing around this before driving back. Monday morning I drove Denise and my mum to the airport at 4 am and didn’t get back until 6am with a 9am lecture.  It was therefore very nice that we ended the day at 12 so I could go back and sleep=)

Tuesday Kristin Lærkerød came from Norway to visit. Christin Rennie also lived in Glasgow but in the centre city so I went to stay with her so we could all live together. I had lectures both Wednesday and Thursday at the main campus so it all worked out.  Wednesday we went out to O’couture for headphone disco, which is where you get headphones with two different Dj’s that try and make you listen to their music. When you take of the headphones it is no music, only people singing to different music and dancing. I had an amazing night and it was so good to go out and dance with my friends from home.  We were meant to drive to another Scottish village but unfortunately the weather got very bad when Kristin came so it was no point so we went around Glasgow. I took Kristin and Christin to the vet campus, main uni and also to see where I lived. It was the Olympics this week so we watched the skiing which was amazing seeing Norway won almost all of it. It was especially fun seeing Northug getting silver after our boys fell back in 4×10 km relay cross country skiing.  We had a lot of catching up and it felt really good having my girls for a week. Thursday night I went home to do some reading before Fridays blood smear practical and histology lab. This day was really really interesting, although doing blood smears where kind of hard, looking at the different blood samples of cattle, dogs, horse and sheep was very interesting. We had to find and differentiate the white blood cells. After a long day I went back to Kristin & Christin  or a night out to Bamboo. We danced the night away and I had a lot of fun. Sunday Kristin went home and I went back to my books.

I was having a tutor lesson in Biomolec with this lady I found on a tutor website  which was suppose to be great. Well Sunday was my second appointment with the lady but I found out she was only copying things from Wikipedia. So I told her I didn’t lean anything to end the tutoring, I’m not about to pay 18£ an hour when I can read Wikipedia for free on my own. Not sure what to do about the tutoring now, but before I can think about that I have a very had physiology test next week.  So until that is over I can be found in the library=) Wish me luck, love you all. x

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