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So much has happened this past week.  On Tuesday we went to Cochno Farm to learn how to assess the housing environment for cattle and sheep. This involved measuring things like humidity and draught in the building to see that it was the right environment for that type of animal and look at how the different barns where built. Apparently we need to know this as vets as well, even though people do degrees in building management.

On Thursday we had an event called Mr Vet School. This is the funniest event I’ve seen in a long time. The guys put on a show for the girls of the vet school and they did many crazy things like strip dance, eat cow reticulum or chicken feet,  dance and make a fool of themselves, wear dresses and heals etc. you get the picture. I must say its very brave wearing and doing what they were doing in front of 400+ girls. In the end Rory won this year Mr Vet School.

Saturday was Vet Ball. The theme of this year was “A NIGHT AT THE OSCARS” with vet school Oscars, 3 course dining at the 5 star Hilton Hotel in Glasgow City Centre. (relax I didn’t ruin my budget it was only 40£). I had a dress that I got in Norway over Christmas.  Friday Bobby came from Nottingham to join me wearing a kilt. We were placed at the Marlon Brando table (from The Godfather) for the meal, followed by dancing Ceilidh (the Scottish traditionally dance that I told you about before).  Bobby loved wearing a kilt, and he kept telling me off for not telling him about how it is to wear a “skirt” before. He also informed me that he will be wearing a kilt in every situation he can from now on, so this can be interesting.

Today we went to Cochno farm again where we were thought how to pull out lambs from a ewe. This was done from a metal sheep with warm water inside and several dead lambs that had been frozen from last year. The lambs were placed inside the fake sheep in all kinds of aquard positions for us to learn how to untangle the lambs (if there were more than one) and get them out “alive”.  I did lambing in Aberystwyth, but still found it very useful because now I know how to help if the lambs are in rare wrong positions inside the ewe. I think it will come in handy for this year’s lambing practice, where I’m going to a farm with 2000 pregnant ewes.  My mum and Denise if coming to visit this weekend, so I’m looking forward to that. Talk soon. xx


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Dublin The weekend from the 5th  7th of February I and 18 American students from our class decided to go to Dublin for the weekend. We had been reading very hard the past weeks and decided we needed to have fun now that the Anatomy exam was done. The flights with Ryan-air were cheap and Brianna’s mum was kind enough to pay for our hotel in the centre on Dublin Temple bar area. We left late Friday night after lab and Saturday we took a bus tour around Dublin to see most of it. It was great because you could leave the bus whenever you found a stop you liked and them get back on the next bus, so this way we saw the whole of Dublin in a couple of hours. For lunch we stopped at an Irish pub where the rugby match of Ireland against Italia was on. It was such an amazing atmosphere and I must say that Irish guys are so nice. I mean we got a lot of compliments and they weren’t like normal sleazy comments, but genuinely nice, (that Irish dialect is quite charming as well, hehe).

In the evening we went to Arlington Hotel to eat and watch real live River Dancing, this is the dance that the Irish are known for where they step really really fast. It was amazing. After the dancing they also played a bit of Irish music and I had my first Irish coffee and Bailey’s coffee (you would like this one gran). We went out clubbing after the meal around our hotel which was the “hip” area of town and thought Christina, who never goes dancing, how to dance. We went home early Sunday morning, back to reading and missing Ireland. Hope I get to go back soon because I really love this city.

here is a link to Riverdancing shown at the Arlington hotel if you wanne see:

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Dissecting sheep brain


Today in the anatomy lab we dissected sheep brains, i just thought id put some pictures up for you guys from it now, because im heading toDublin with a bunch of people from the vet course for the weekend, will write when i get back=)

its also been snowing quite a bit, so this is some pictures i took from behind my flat:

have a good weekend


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