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Christmas Present?


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“Many people will walk in and out of your life,

but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

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Back to Glasgow

I flew back to Glasgow on the 4th on January, when I moved to Scotland I was told it hardly snowed ever, but well when I landed it was completely white.  This caused complete chaos because most people never drove on snow before.  The 5th of January I was driving to the vet campus for my 9o’clock lecture. I knew about the snow so I left 20 minutes before I normally did. It takes me around 20-25 minutes to get to the vet campus during rush hour, but today was different. The roads were bare, but the sidewalks and fields around were covered in snow. This caused people to panic so even when taking short cuts I used 2 hours driving to the vet campus and missed my first lecture. I was not pleased.  The week went by quite quickly, Friday came and it was dissection day again. We were continuing on the Hindlimb of the dog for revision until our next anatomy exam.  Because Glasgow wasn’t used to the coldness it was quite cold in the dissection room. All the students were wearing wool hats and scarves during the dissection making it quite amusing.

I wanted to start the year off healthy, so during the weekend I started my vegetable soup diet. It included eating vegetables, fruit and vegetable soup for an entire week. It’s quite hard, and you get very tired of the soup, but I managed to keep it without cheating and lost 5kg in that week ( I gained about half again the week after, so all in all down 2.5kg, woho). Me and my class mate Brianna have signed up to the gym and is doing a class called muscle tone on Tuesdays and Pilates on Wednesday in addition to my football team practice. Working out will keep our energy up so that we can keep fit while we read. It’s quite good being two about it, because then we keep each other from skipping out.  I haven’t really done much else the past two weeks because we had an anatomy written and practical exam Friday the 22nd. Me and Brianna have been reading none stop, after every lecture, every night we have meet up and read for a couple of hours. I think the exam went pretty well, so let’s cross our fingers and see in 2-3 weeks when the results come out=)

This weekend we took a long deserved break, we went out with some of the UK students to cheesy pop in the Glasgow Student Union on the Friday to dance. Sunday I went and got some headphones  I’ve been drooling over since before Christmas, as a treat for staying focused and reading for anatomy.

My headphones ,aren’t they cute?
well that’s all for now, back to the books=) Miss you all at home

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New Year, New Quotes

” Life is a challenge, meet it!
Life is a dream, realize it!
Life is a game, play it!
Life is Love, enjoy it!”
—— Sri Sathya Sai Baba

” An optimist stays up until Midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays upto make sure the old year leaves.”

—— Bill Vaughn

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I love snow, it makes everything so clean and white, but England is not used to the snow like we Norwegians are. I mean going home on the 29th of December was kind of lucky because after that most flights were cancelled in the UK because of the snow. I mean think if Norway would cancel flights, trains etc because of snow, and the country would be closed half the year. My mum didn’t expect it snowing that much in the time we were gone, so she had parked outside. When we landed at Gardemoen, Oslo it has snowed about 1, 5 meters.  We had to find and dig out my mum’s car.

Since my mum had sold our house, we no longer live in Asker but temporarily at Bruno & Eldrid’s flat in Stokke, Tønsberg.  It was beautiful there, all white, but very cold -21’c. Bobby flew to Torp instead of Gardemoen and meet us at the house. We went cross country skiing and enjoyed the light powdery snow.

At New Years Eve me and Bobby went to Tine’s boyfriend Martin’s house. His house right next to Frongnerparken where the official fireworks were going off at 12. All the my old girlfriends were there, apart from Kristin that was in Florida, & some of Martins friends. We all brought some food and had a nice dinner of steak , salad and Béarnaise sauce. For dessert we had warm berries with vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm.. It turned into a lovely party with lots of catching up and lots of wine.

It was lovely being home, but since I spent so long in England I must say that being home for a week was a bit short.  The day before I went back to Glasgow Kristin came home from Florida, so I went to Asker and meet the girls again for a final night of catch up=).

The neighbor in Stokke had deer and lamas out in the garden which was quite a surprise. The 3rd of January I went back to snowy Glasgow & back to the hardcore reading, having a new Anatomy exam in 2 weeks.

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To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heard.
To a customer, service.
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect.

-Oren Arnold

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Christmas in the UK

Finally, there I have uploaded the pictures from the Christmas break.
I left Glasgow the 17th of December to celebrate Christmas in England for the first time. Bobby came from Nottingham to meet me in Glastonbury. The weather was stunning so we took some trips around, like up the tour near Bobby with the dogs and just relaxed.  Bobby also had a mate (James) in Devon that invited us over to celebrate his birthday, so since I was insured on Bobby’s dad’s car, we drove 2 hours to Devon.  I must say that Devon is a beautiful place with gorgeous nature, but the roads are not build for more than one car and sometimes less than that. We started the party off at James parent’s house and then everyone jumped in the pack of James pick up and clung on while James drove us to the Pig Nose Inn. The Pig Nose Inn was the local pub and full of life. There was a band on that night so I swear it was 150 people in the pub, with proper country style dancing and music. An experience for sure, but I don’t think I could find the way to that pub on my own again.

On the 22nd of December my mum came to Glastonbury as well. We started the Christmas traditions we had with baking, Christmas bread (Julebrød), Lussekatter & and lots of Gingerbread cakes, including a gingerbread house. Christmas I must say was a bit wierd because off theirs different tradition. I mean we celebrate on the 24th with a big dinner with pinnekjøtt (stick meat) and then presents, but the 24th wasn’t a date they celebrated. Glastonbury did get snow on the 24th, which is very unusual for England. On the 25th Phoebe, Bobby’s youngest sister came and nocked on the door with coffe to go down in the living room to open pressents. It was very cosy, but again unusual because im not use to beeing that many on christmas. A nice change=). After me and Bobby cooked everyone a hot breakfast, mixing both norwegian smoked salmon and scrabled eggs and Englands blackpudding, sussages, bacon etc we all went out for a walk on the tour.

The 26th it was tradition for Bobby’s family to go to the Wincanton horse races. I had never been to the races before and was surprised on how many people were there.  We set a maximum of how much were betting on each race so we wouldn’t bet more than we could loose. Me and my mum got together and bet 5£ each per race (7 races in total).  It was horse hurdle races, normal jumps and normal races.  It was half an hour between each race so you then went and looked at the horses before then went to race and bet on the horse you thought had the best name, the best looks or you just had a good feeling about. Then when the race started you would stand and shout for your horse to win and if you couldn’t see the horse, there was a bit screen to watch it live on. Me, my mum and Bobby all won within the first 2 races, so by the end off all the races we were equal. We hadn’t lost any money during the day or won any money, but had a great day outside & I got some great pictures.

Me, my mum, Bobby and his two sisters (Kira, and Phoebe) went on a road trip to the famous land mark the Stonehenge.  It was quite windy and since the Stonehenge is on top off a little hill overlooking a large flat area, we sometimes felt like we were going to blow away. We were given a talking phone thing each that told us about the history and I took a bunch of pictures.

Stonehenge was about 2 hours drive from where Bobby lives, so we made the day out of it and drove around taking another trip home going through Avebury which is a village that had a Stonehenge going trough the village, which was thought to have been built at the same time as Stonehenge. There was a lot of gorgeous nature on the way back. The next day my mum went for her Christmas present, which was a full body massage from me and Bobby, while I was studying anatomy.  Norway next.

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