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Life’s a Dance

Life’s a dance you learn as you go
Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow
Don’t worry about what you don’t know
Life’s a dance you learn as you go


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Glasgow week 9

Hi again, another week has gone and the time just fly bye so quickly I hardly notise thats its almost christmas.
It’s really getting cold her now, the other day I had to scrape my car for ice before going to Uni.
Tuesday after uni i had a dinner with the girls from the football club. It turned into an amazing night because the resturant we went to wasn’t a normal one, it was a karaoke resturant. So we sang , ate chinese and dressed up in silly outfits. (Im the one in the middle with the big blond wig:P)

Wednesday morning i drowe my mum to the airport (1 hour away) at 4 am in the morning before going to uni at 9. I was soo tired..
On Friday we started our Anatomy dissection on the hindlimb of the dog. I found this very interesting because we learned about how you can detect hip dysplacia on x-rays in dogs and also how to repair damage if a bone is crushed or broken in a car accident. This week in the uk they are raising money for the charity Children in Need, and our 69 year old anatomy professor raise money for this every year. So in the middle of our dissection lab he gathered all of us around and stood on his head drinking a pint of beer to raise money. I find this quite amazing seeing he is retired and not even guys my age can drink up side down.

Friday night me and the other class reprecentative Brianne had arranged a party to raise money for our 3rd and 5th year formal dinner. So we had a drag dressup night, where girls dressed up as guys and guys dressed up as girls. In the beginning not that many turned up, but in the end the place we held it in was packed with people.  Saturday i saw the film New Moon from the book series Twilight that i love so much. The film was really good… And well today i’ve started reading for my Neurophysiology exam which is in 2 weeks.

Speak Soon


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Glasgow week 3 to 8

Hi again, sorry it has taken me so long to write but I’ve been really really busy with reading for exams.

3weeks ago we went to Cochno ( our university farm) again and had another session of cattle handling, this time we had to learn how to tie a cow up quickly and with a knot that can be released quickly by you and not the animal pulling on the other side. I got a cow I called Panda because of its white head with a black spot around her eye. She was very kind so it went quite well=)
Me and pandaCows

We have also done a lot of dissections by now. Our topic in anatomy at the moment is locomotion so we have dissected the forelimb of dogs, horses and cows to learn the differences in the bones and muscles. Its quite interesting but you have to get to the dissection early because otherwise you get stuck with the overweight animals, and its quite hard to find what you need to between all the fat. Last friday we had our first exam at the vet school in anatomy. I had been ill for the week before (so I had to stay home from the lectures, meaning I had a week to catch up at the moment). Brianna (a girl from the school) and me  came together the day before the exam and read together and tested each other for 10 hours straight. I went to bed at 11 and don’t think I could have been any more prepared. I wasn’t nervous for the exam and it was such a good feeling beeing that prepared. I had the written exam in the morning for 2 hours, and I think it went quite well, at least I answered all the questions. Then we had a 2 hour break before the practical exam. This consisted of 40 tables with either bones, fresh prepared samples or x rays. and then there was an arrow pointing at a point and you had to tell what species, muscle or bone they were pointing at and sometimes what nerves that motored the muscle. It was some hard onces but all in all I feel good about the exam=) I have 3 more exams in Physiology, Biomolecular science and Animal Husbandry in 3 weeks, so I won’t have time to do much else until that’s over.

2 weeks ago I had to go to the dentist because the dentist iIwent to in Norway this summer hadn’t done a proper job, which then resulted in me having 2 cavities. I was really nervous to go because the last densist appointment was quite painfull. Bobby came all the way from Nottingham to comfort me, which was really nice. The dentist I went to was really good, he sat his injection and after 10 minutes half my mouth was numb. He could drill all he wanted and I didn’t feel a thing, so now he is stuck with me for the rest of my life, hehe…

Each week we have a day of lectures over at the main campus so i’ve taken some more pictures for you from that, the building is like studying at Hoggwarts (the school from Harry Potter) =)
blog4blog 3

The Dyslexia service in Scotland is amazing, I went there to talk about having computer on my exams, which was fine, but he then started talking about all the programmes they had to offer me to help my studies. They talked about getting me a better dictaphone to record my lectures that would reduce static noice, a program that you add on to word that will have veterinary terms so that I can get help correcting the terminology words as well, and another program that can organise my notes, powerpoints and voice reccordings in one. They all sounded amazing and the programs would cost me 1000kr if I bought them myself, but the university said that they would pay for it all.

blog5This is a picture of the nature behind my house, it’s very pretty and a nice way to relax=)

Last wednesday we had a day called “dick day”. This is the day when the Glasgow veterinarians and the Edinburg (dicks vets, after the guy that founded the school) play each other in sports. We take turns in organizing, and this year it was held in Edinburgh so all the Glasgow vets went there for the day. I played the keeper of the female football team. We didn’t win, but well we are going to train harder and beat them next year. The fun bit was cheering the other teams on and all the fun songs we had.
Her is an example to the tune “I love you baby”

“Don’t go to Bristol just cause they’re on TV, don’t go to Edinburgh or you’ll get HIV
just come to Glasgow baby, come to Glasgoooow.
Dont go to Nottingham cuz soon youll see theyre f***ing  useless its not a real degree,
just come to Glasgow, come to Glasgow baby.
Don’t go to liverpool or they’ll steal your car , and something with don’t go to Cambridge cos they talk like this (in a real high pitch voice)
Just come to Glasgow, Come to GLASGOW!! ”
blog1football 1football 2

After the Anatomy exam friday my mum came for a visit, we went shopping yesterday and I got some new winter boots and knee high boots=) we got some stationary for university use and in the evening we had a really good beef for dinner=) was nice not having to cook for a night and we had a nice bottle of wine. Today we drove to Loch Lomond, but unfortunately it was raining so we could only see it from the car. Her is a picture from that and I’ll try and not let it be too long until I write again=)


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Glasgow getting started

Well now I’ve been her over 3 weeks so I thought it was time to update you all on what’s happened. The week after introduction week started with a “bang”. We start of Monday morning with anatomy- the topic for this semester I locomotion, so we go through all the muscles and bones that cause the animal to move. I find this quite interesting even thought there is quite a few names to remember because you can’t just remember the bones but also the different points on the bones and what they are called. Because the anatomy lecturer is at her maternity leave the university have taken in the old anatomy lecturer (he?s retired) and he wrote the book that we are all using, so I must say that we are learning from the best. Friday is our anatomy day, where were have anatomy from 9 to 5. We have both lectures and lab which goes quite nice together. We learn about the muscles and bones and then we get to cut and see it ourselves. They bring in live dogs for us to feel and there is also a bone museum where we can have a look at the bones we are working on. We are all divided into groups of 4, and each group get a dead dog that someone have donated to the university learning.  The dog my group got was a very fat dog, so we spent most of the time removing fat and couldn’t really see the muscles clearly. So I can now see very clearly the problem with surgery and obese pets and I therefore recommend everyone that has pets to keep them lean and fit.
my id

In biochemistry we have started off with DNA which is alright because I?ve had this before in Aberystwyth, and now we have moved on to RNA and proteins. Even though I have had some of this before they go into a lot more detail so it requires quite a bit of reading on the side. I was quite impressed that they are so into research her because they are adding new information that they have found into the lectures on RNA, although I think we have enough to learn but hey science is about being up to date with new research.

Then there is animal husbandry which is quite an interesting subject where we go through different production systems and how to condition score or treat farm animals. It is quite similar to animal welfare at Aberystwyth, but again more details. Prof. Fishwieck (who probably thought when James Harriot was a student) had a two hour lecture about different sheep breeds and the weight of them, it was sooo boring that half the class was falling asleep, but just as we were he raised his voice to begin a new sentence and the whole class jumped. The other animal husbandry lecturer has quite a humor and he often start the lecture with a video, like this morning at 9 am he showed this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JohcbfO0OjA&feature=related (take a look, it?s quite funny)

The Animal Husbandry subject has a lot of practical information as well, so they drive 1/3 of the class out to the Cochno Farm Estate where we are though and shown how to do things in practice. Last Tuesday we learnt how to restrain cows, and this got rather amusing. Basically the cow is tied up with rope and pulled onto the ground, this is completely harmless and as long as you restrain the head the cow will lie there until you are done with whatever you are doing. The only problem was that our cow did not want to go down. For a long while there was at least 4 guys on the end of this rope pulling the cow, but she totally refuse to go down and just ran around in different directions. The class had to dodge out of the way as the cow backside swung towards us. When she finally went down she was far too close to the concrete rather than on the straw where she should have been. It was not a nice noise to hear when she bashed her head on the concrete. It took her about 5 attempts to get back up as well, usually they get up straight away.

Today we went back to Cochno Farm, and this time to learn how to restrain sheep. A sheep is a lot smaller than a cow so I thought this would be easy. After a few instructions from Prof. Fishwich (image underneath) we went to try ourselves. The lamb was very easy and the ewes were a bit heavier, but I manage to turn them on the back as well. But the rams (100kg +) was impossible. First of all you had to catch them, and once you’ve done that try and lift them onto their backs. Only some of the guys in our class managed to this, even the easier technique (where you turn the head to force the back end down) didn’t work on the rams because they have big muscle necks



The social side of the vet school is quite large, but I try and cut down to have time for the reading. But I ran to be the class representative for the first year (120 students). I was up against two other couples where the class vote toward the people they think will do the best job. I was alone so I never thought I would get it, but well most people voted for me, so I am this year  class representative and I then picked an American girl called Brianna to be it with me =D.

The first proper veterinary party was themed ?superheroes and villains? . They had rented a club and all 5 years were invited, 120 people in each year and yes there was quite a lot of people. I dressed up as superwoman because I already had the costume for that, but I must say there were some really cool and inventive costumes. One girl had broken her foot, so she dressed up as Cruella da ville from 101 Dalmatians and had small stuffed dogs attached to her crutches.


The other big social was the Welcome back Ceilidh (pronounced kaylee). This is  Scotland?s version of Norwegian folk dance.  The vet committee had rented in a band that played and told us how to do the different dances.  The atmosphere was so high and a lot of guys were wearing kilts. This was a lot of fun, I got bumped, spun around a million times, Lifted and jumped around the room and I absolutely loved it. If you every get a chance to go to a Ceilidh then go=)


I’ve also gone to Loch Lomond, which is about 20 minutes by car from where I live. My flat mate Natalie and I drove there one day we had off. This has the largest surface area of fresh water in the UK and at the deepest point it is about 600 feet (182m) deep. We just saw a little bit of Loch Lomond, but what I saw was so pretty I?m definitely going back again=)  Well that is it for this time,  I have the day off tomorrow so I?m reading and going to the dentist ( a filling has fallen out) so I?m not looking forward to that.



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I left Norway with two 20 kg bags to London Gatwick and took the train to Glastonbury. In Glastonbury i repacked all my stuff (that had been left there over the summer) and rented a car from Bristol Europcar. Europcar gave me a diesel engine Ford Focus that was no more than 11 days old according to the plates. Me and Bobby left Glastonbury at 10:30am and with a few brakes and getting a bit lost on Glasgow city center we arrived at my new home at 9pm. The flat was located in a very nice area just outside of Glasgow. It is a two room flat that i will be sharing with a second year vet student called Natalie. She welcomed us at the door and my room had a nice desk and a double bed=) Her are some pictures from the Flat:

20 minutes on the bus and im on the vet campus. There are two campuses- the vet campus and the main campus. The two campuses are about an hour walk from each other, but there are buses wetween the two. From the bus i take to the vet campus there is a very pretty walk trough a park, with lots of people running and walking dogs and lots of water birds along the canal. Plus, the canal leads directly to Lock 27, which is the pub down the hill and therefore the vets local pub.

Monday we started by having an introduction lecture from the Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Professor Stuart W J Reid. He asked us all to close our eyes and imagine that in about 250 weeks we were all going to graduate as vets and different senarios we could be facing “welcome to the world of Veterinary Medicine”. For each seat we were sitting in there were 6 others who would give their right hand to sit there and that each one of us there were hand picked. We had all gone through the hardest bit and got in!! He talked about that this had been a team efford from not only us but our family, lecturers, friends and partners. Now we were welcomed into a new family, the family of Glasgow vets. “THANK YOU ALL” for your support and help the part years=)
At 3pm we went to the vet pub Lock 27 were we were all wecomed by Professors and the years above.
Tuesday it was registration + Freshers fair and Sports Fair at the main university. There were loads of clubs and societies, but i think i will limit myself beause the veterinary course will demand a lot of time as well.

Wednesday we had introduction lectures on how the course works with extra mural studies (work experience) and health and safety measures around that. We were also told about how the librarys work (which i kinda already knew from aber) and introduced to our own library The James Harriot library (which is the picture above to the left).  Later we had a health screening test because we will be working with living things=). The main University campus had gorgeus old buildings and i think it will take some time for me to get my head around it, beacuse it is quite large. Ive put some pictures of the buildings underneath:

Today we had two introduction lectures in Biomolecular Science and Veterinary Physiology, which apperently is the modules most people fail. The vet degree demands that yout 50% to pass. You have two class exams  that counts 15% and in the end of the year you have one exam that counts for 85%. If you fail with 45%+ you get the chance to get an oral examination but underneat that you have to resit in august. If you fail one of the exams you have to redo the whole year and if that happens again you might be kicked of the couse. It was quite intimidating to hear about how much they will demand for you to know, so i have to hit the ground running to keep on top of things. Tomorrow we will have an introduction in Veterinary Anatomy, Veterinary Husbandry and an introduction to lab practicals. Im quite glad that i will have been through some of the things before so hopefully there won’t be that much to new stuff to remember.
We are about 110 students in our year so it’s quite hard to remember everyone, and i feel like it will be hard to meet the whole class, but hey we have 5 years to get to know each othere. Everyone seem very friendly. There are about 40 students that are americans in our year and they are a older than the british students because they all have degrees beforehand like me. Thinking to run for class rep this year, so ill keep you posted on that=) oh her is a link about the Univeristy of Glasgow: http://www.gla.ac.uk/news/headline_129921_en.html – its about it beeing one of the best vet schools in the UK and best liked student environment.
Hope your all great and ill Write again soon=)

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If you have ever wished to become a vet or been intrested in the profession,you should know about James Herriot or the series “All creatures great and small”. Well, these books are written by Alf Wight which studied veterinary at Glasgow University in 1933!

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Glasgow is one of six veterinary schools in the UK. It was established in 1862 as the independent Glasgow Veterinary College and later subsumed into the University. Three english miles away from the Main Gilmorehill campus lays the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. This site houses the clinical depeartments as well as the small animal hospital, weipers center for equine welfare, Cochno Farm and a UK leading research center and the teaching facilities.

Glasgow Veterinary became the third European vet school to acheive approved status from the American Veterinary Medical Association (just in case I want to practise in the USA or Canada when I’m done:P  without sitting more examinations).

Well, as you all might have understood by now I’m going to Glasgow  university starting September 14th 2009. I can’t believe that I’m starting my dream. I must admit that I was doubting myself to get the  place, but I did it which is a huge motivation for the hard years to come. Now I have to find myself accommadation, a Big vet (which is an
older student that introduce you to the area), transport all my stuff  from Glastonbury and Norway to Glasgow and buy a bunch of books and equipent that I will need. Can’t wait to get started!!
A sedated patient is moved from surgery to recovery by ve... Lacy Atkins / SFCA dog is immobilized by ropes and given oxygen while bein... Lacy Atkins / SFC

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“Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow”
Robert Kiyosaki
Purple Haze - Point of Ayre Isle of Man. by IMAGES FROM MAN.

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